Biking in Bulgaria as Part of Multi Day Tours

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You do not have to be a professional to experience the pleasure and the weariness of riding a bike. That is why amateurs are not capricious about the quality of the road, but just want to have a way to follow. In this sense, if you have an interlocutor from Bulgaria, he will tell you amazing stories about how a friend gets on the wheel and goes tens of kilometers to reach the place he wants to be.

In fact, Bulgaria has a problem with minor roads that are not well supported due to lack of funds. This deprives our country of developing professional cycling because the routes are less and the organization is more difficult, but this does not prevent large groups of people from gathering in the smaller cities of the country in bikers communities. Their efforts and with the help of the municipal authorities create excellent routes both for themselves and for tourists interested in multi day tours in Bulgaria (on a bike).

One of the advantages of such markers is that they are related to secondary and forest roads, and to those that lead to the beautiful nature of Bulgaria. This gives a wonderful combination of cycling, familiarity with many localities, reaching key points of the country’s cultural history. The trip is even more remarkable when it takes place in a group of friends and of course with an experienced guide who knows the roads very well.

It is enough to like to ride a bicycle and be experienced in this because the transitions require some level of preparation and attitude towards riding. Experienced cyclists who make fun can make every trip on the roads of Bulgaria a real holiday. Unlike professionals, they are not burdened with time and record, they do not compete. They have everything on their side; time, wheel, adventure.

For those who are looking for a particular experience, a vacation with a bike ride, you can choose from different options. He or she may prefer the mountain roads of the Rhodope Mountains or the transition from the Rhodopes to the Rila Mountain. You can select a particular track to test your skills. For fans of the long-lasting experience and the long-lasting change of the landscape, this is an excellent opportunity for multi day tours in Bulgaria. This is an adventure through which you become acquainted with the miraculous nature, the strangeness of Bulgarian culture and after it you will bring unforgettable memories at home.

Buy an RV: asking the right questions to the seller

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For all your (maybe) future camper, here are the questions that you must ask your seller and the list of all the points that you need to control.

As with any vehicle, the state of a motorhome depends on two key criteria: the careful maintenance and the manner and the conditions in which it was used.

To secure maximum buying, it is important to get in phone contact with the seller to a rule questioning.

First hand or not?

If the camper is a first hand (one owner since its entry into service), the seller rarely fails to mention in his ad. If this is not the case, the vehicle is certainly passed through several hands and historic is likely to be a little “smoky”. We must therefore ask the seller if he is still in possession of the original service record in order to check if the various owners have respected the dates of the revisions imposed by the manufacturer

How and where to drive the motorhome?

You can not really judge the mechanical health of a motorhome but it will certainly be more likely to be tired if it has a lot of running in the mountains or if its owner was a fan of “exotic” destinations where roads are sometimes far from blameless. The structure of the living cell of a motorhome “works” in fact much on particularly bumpy roads.

What version of the motorhome is better?

The ad often indicates the manufacturer name of the camper, but rarely the brand of light utility on which it was developed. Be sure to ask about the type of engine. If some “older” vans still have mechanical running on gasoline, most campers are fueled by diesel.

Two options are then available: turbo or not? In the first case, driveability and performance will be at the rendezvous with engines often offering more than 100 hp, the second you “will paddle” probably in the ratings but less sophisticated mechanical contribute to its reliability.

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All about the different types of campervans

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Discrete van converted to full luxury, discover all types of campers. As for the necessary permits to conduct, depending on the gross vehicle weight rating it should not exceed!

A camper can take different forms that allow it to focus on either the livability and comfort or road performance. Here, with their qualities and possible disadvantages are the five families of campers.

The vans

Preferred large rollers

The van is fitted a utility whose original body is fully preserved. However, it has very often a lifting roof that can stand throughout the vehicle and may also receive a double bed in the raised position.

Although the amenities vans are often less sophisticated than those of conventional motorhomes, they remain relatively expensive because their manufacture is artisanal.

From a small footprint and benefiting from the progress of modern utilities in terms of comfort and handling, the vans are now behaving like a passenger car and all small roads do not scare. The ideal formula for those who want to see the country!

In nine, rates vans range from € 25,000 to just over € 46,000.


The space above all

Nasturtiums are distinguished by Appendix overlooking the cab of the carrier vehicle and in which is housed a bed 2 places. This appendix is called nasturtium and it is he who gives his name to this type of camper.

It is in this category that are the cheapest RV and those who offer the most opportunities for development.
Their length ranges from 5.50 m to 7 m and they offer 5 to 7 people. Please note, the number of beds does not necessarily correspond to the stipulated number of seats in the vehicle registration.

Nasturtiums are by far the tallest campers (between 2.80 m and 3.10 m). Their imposing front surface at night aerodynamics and fuel consumption are felt. They are also more sensitive to side winds.
In nine, prices nasturtiums range from € 30,000 to € 45,700.


Aerodynamics and roadholding

On the profiles, nasturtium is replaced by a small advanced profiled (rightly!) That improves air penetration and in which is usually installed a storage box.

Much less high as nasturtiums, profiles offer a much better handling. This is even more true when the living cell is mounted on a special low-frame that reduces the height of the center of gravity and often also increases the width of the rear track to the benefit of stability.

These features have an impact on their prices which does not prevent them from being selected today 55% of buyers, mostly couples or young parents with small.

The full

More “upscale”

A complete entirely recarrossé from a bare chassis engine. Its cockpit is so fully integrated into the living space, so it requires a lot more work for its construction which increases the selling price and the class immediately in the luxury motor homes.

Manufacturers therefore treat especially the external appearance and interior fittings of their full which, although often the most spacious motor homes are often designed to accommodate only two people (but in great comfort).
If, on nine, the price of a basic full turns around €68,000, it can quickly climb up to €150,000 and more for bigger and more luxurious.



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