Buy an RV: asking the right questions to the seller

by admin

For all your (maybe) future camper, here are the questions that you must ask your seller and the list of all the points that you need to control.

As with any vehicle, the state of a motorhome depends on two key criteria: the careful maintenance and the manner and the conditions in which it was used.

To secure maximum buying, it is important to get in phone contact with the seller to a rule questioning.

First hand or not?

If the camper is a first hand (one owner since its entry into service), the seller rarely fails to mention in his ad. If this is not the case, the vehicle is certainly passed through several hands and historic is likely to be a little “smoky”. We must therefore ask the seller if he is still in possession of the original service record in order to check if the various owners have respected the dates of the revisions imposed by the manufacturer

How and where to drive the motorhome?

You can not really judge the mechanical health of a motorhome but it will certainly be more likely to be tired if it has a lot of running in the mountains or if its owner was a fan of “exotic” destinations where roads are sometimes far from blameless. The structure of the living cell of a motorhome “works” in fact much on particularly bumpy roads.

What version of the motorhome is better?

The ad often indicates the manufacturer name of the camper, but rarely the brand of light utility on which it was developed. Be sure to ask about the type of engine. If some “older” vans still have mechanical running on gasoline, most campers are fueled by diesel.

Two options are then available: turbo or not? In the first case, driveability and performance will be at the rendezvous with engines often offering more than 100 hp, the second you “will paddle” probably in the ratings but less sophisticated mechanical contribute to its reliability.

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